Payment & Guaranty

At the time of ordering we prefer to receive at least 20% of the total quote for new clients. Then 50% of the balance is due after approval of the first draft with comments. All our works will be issued with a water mark “For Approval Only”. The water mark (“For Approval Only”) will be taken out when full payment is received in the account and no more revision is requested. After the full payment, the drawings will be delivered electronically in pdf and or AutoCAD format. We don’t provide hard copy.

Our goal is client’s full satisfaction before we receive the full payment. We guaranty it. We would make all attempts for client’s full satisfaction. Final payment is not due until then. If revisions are needed for rendering improvement there would be no additional cost. If it is for design improvements, it may cost additional. (case by case basis). In every submission client will be given the opportunity to revise color scheme and minor design elements without extra cost.

The payments should be delivered by electronic transfer to Archicon Bank Account, given at the time of ordering. Payment by cashier’s check or money order is also acceptable. It may take longer for mailing process. Credit card is not yet acceptable.