Our Architectural Services are as following:

  1. Architectural Design from client’s objectives, or Design Development from Conceptual
  2. Digitization of Existing Hand Drawn Drawings
  3. Construction Drawing
  4. Photo Realistic Rendering
  5. Architectural Animation
  6. Marketing Package to Sell the Project
  7. Animation
  8. New Project Feasibility Studies

Real Estate:

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate

We serve the General Public, Smaller Architects who wants to save money on Construction Drafting and Renderings after conceptual design and Developers with full service if needed from:

  • Selection and Purchase of Lot
  • Highest & Best Use Feasibility Study
  • Architectural Design
  • Permit
  • Real Estate Marketing for Sale or Lease


We begin the process after potential client signs off our agreement in the form of a quote for the job as acceptance. To serve you efficiently and effectively, input for our services should be in certain formats.

Those are :

  1. Architectural Design: We need the outline of your design goal in writing or through conversation for design and design development service.
  2. Digitization: We must have the hard copy or digitized photographs of existing drawing set for digitization. Drawings must be legible and have dimensions to create the digital formats. Any missing item could be described in hand drawn sketch or in words.
  3. Construction Drawings: To create Construction drawing set, we need design development or design service as prerequisite, unless client provides a set drawn in scale showing all the dimensions. It could even be hand drawn.
  4. Rendering: We need a set of scaled drawings with dimensions to create renderings or animations. A prerequisite of Construction will make it easier, unless client provides the construction drawing set.
  5. Architectural Animation: Same as (iv) above.
  6. Marketing Package: Client has to provide the rending drawings and construction drawings with written materials to incorporate. If we do those items, the process is easier.

On request and for extra cost, we could provide Structural, Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC design and drawings as well as material and cost estimates.